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NUG prepares to sign Rome statute to sue the military council in International Criminal Court

In an effort to sue the military council at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for the atrocities committed by the council, NUG is preparing to sign the Rome statute, NUG’s Deputy Foreign Minister U Moe Zaw Oo told at a press conference.

Junta troops burn Myanmar village in escalation of violence

Government troops in Myanmar have burned most of a village in the country’s central heartland, a resident said Wednesday, confirming reports by independent media and on social networks. The action appeared to be an attempt to suppress resistance against the ruling military junta.

ASEAN meets with China as progress on Myanmar consensus stalls

ASEAN “will appreciate” China’s help in carrying out its five-point consensus to resolve the crisis in Myanmar, Indonesia’s foreign minister said on Monday as the regional bloc looks to spur slow progress on the outcome of its emergency meeting in April.

Employers forcing Myanmar people in Japan to choose between politics and work

Myanmar people living in Japan have been criticized for taking part in protests against the military coup in their home country during the coronavirus pandemic, with employers putting pressure on them not to attend and others saying they should go back to their country to express their opposition.

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