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Russia keeps Myanmar general Min Aung Hlaing at arm’s length: close enough to sell weapons to, but short of a full embrace

The Kremlin did not grant Min Aung Hlaing, the mastermind of Myanmar’s coup, the full diplomatic traditions accorded to heads of state during his four-day visit But experts say his reception was no snub. Russia appreciates a big-spending buyer of its military equipment and sees a chance to rattle the West. Min Aung Hlaing meanwhile […]

In Myanmar, the army controls its soldiers’ lives, minds and finances

The Tatmadaw, Myanmar’s powerful army, controls every aspect of its soldiers’ lives. And those who leave pay a heavy price. DW spoke to three defectors.As he witnessed the brutal crackdown on unarmed civilians protesting the army’s takeover, the young lieutenant felt increasingly disgusted. Soon after, he left without saying goodbye to his parents, fleeing the […]

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