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20 Myanmar soldiers killed in raid on police station (မိုးဗြဲ ရဲစခန်း PDF သိမ်း၊ ရဲများကို လက်နက်နှင့်အတူ ဖမ်းမိ)

Twenty Myanmar soldiers and policemen were killed on Sunday morning when anti-coup forces stormed a police station in southern Shan State, independent local media reported. The Irrawaddy newspaper reported that the attack on the police station in Moebye was carried out by the People’s Defense Forces supported by local militia. Radio Free Asia reported that […]

Myanmar military designates shadow gov’t as ‘terrorist’ group (အကြမ်းဖက်အုပ်စုများအဖြစ် ကြောညာခြင်း)

A group including deposed lawmakers formed the ‘National Unity Government’ to oppose the military government.Myanmar’s military rulers have branded a group of deposed lawmakers running a shadow government as “terrorists”, and blamed it for bombings, arson and killings, state-controlled media said on Saturday. Since the military seized power in a February 1 coup, detaining and […]

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