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Russia keeps Myanmar general Min Aung Hlaing at arm’s length: close enough to sell weapons to, but short of a full embrace

The Kremlin did not grant Min Aung Hlaing, the mastermind of Myanmar’s coup, the full diplomatic traditions accorded to heads of state during his four-day visit But experts say his reception was no snub. Russia appreciates a big-spending buyer of its military equipment and sees a chance to rattle the West. Min Aung Hlaing meanwhile […]

Aung San Suu Kyi appears in court in person for first time since coup

YANGON: Myanmar’s deposed leader Aung San Suu Kyi appeared in person at a court hearing on Monday (May 24) for the first time since her government was overthrown by the military in a Feb 1 coup, her lawyer told Reuters. Aung San Suu Kyi looked in good health and held a face-to-face meeting with her […]

Japan reporter freed from Myanmar says inmates were abused (ငရဲခန်း စစ်ကြောရေး နဲ့ အင်းစိန်ထောင် ထဲက အခြေအနေ)

A Japanese journalist who was freed from a Myanmar prison said Friday that military and police interrogators repeatedly asked him about his friends, clients and made-up allegations. Yuki Kitazumi, a freelance journalist and a former reporter for Japan’s Nikkei business news, also said other inmates told him about abuses they suffered at the hands of […]

In Myanmar, the army controls its soldiers’ lives, minds and finances

The Tatmadaw, Myanmar’s powerful army, controls every aspect of its soldiers’ lives. And those who leave pay a heavy price. DW spoke to three defectors.As he witnessed the brutal crackdown on unarmed civilians protesting the army’s takeover, the young lieutenant felt increasingly disgusted. Soon after, he left without saying goodbye to his parents, fleeing the […]

Shwebo Development Market is Fire in Myanmar ( ရွှေဘိုဈေး မီးလောင်မှုဖြစ်စဉ်)

Today 15 May 2021 in Sagaing Region at Shwe Bo township, the great market is FIRE! Vendors were devastated checking their stores. Shwe Bo market was reported to have set ablaze by junta forces in the wee hours today. Shwe Bo market is a major market where locals rely on for trades and daily necessities.Lasts […]

Major who defected from Tatmadaw begins training recruits to figh coup regime (စစ်ကောင်စီကို ရင်ဆိုင်တိုက်ရန် CDM ဗိုလ်မှူးဦးစီးသည့် စစ်သင်တန်းဖွင့်)

A high-ranking soldier who defected from the Myanmar military after it seized power on February 1 began training new recruits to fight the coup regime on Saturday in territory controlled by an armed insurgent group. Major Hein Thaw Oo defected from Light Infantry Division 99 in the central town of Meiktila in late March after […]

Children of the junta: the relatives of Myanmar’s military regime living in Australia ( ဩစတေးလျတွင် အာဏာသိမ်းစစ်တပ်နှင့် ဆွေမျိုးတော်စပ်သူများ နေထိုင်ခွင့် တင်းကျပ် )

Relatives of military-linked officials are being targeted by anti-coup campaigners in Australia – even if they oppose the junta themselves Bryan Tun has messaged his father only once since February, when a brutal coup swept the military to power in Myanmar, resulting in more than 700 civilian deaths. “Hey Dad,” he wrote to his father, […]

Military coup puts Telenor’s future in Myanmar on the line (တယ်လီနောကုမ္ပဏီ အရှုံးပေါ်နေ )

Since Myanmar’s military ordered telecoms operators to shut their networks in an effort to end protests against its February coup, Telenor’s business there has been in limbo. As one of the few Western companies to bet on the South East Asian country after it emerged from military dictatorship a decade ago, the return to army […]

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